In PANZER SEALANT we have limited ourselves to the main characteristics that a quality tubeless liquid must meet, so its composition is based on a dispersion of Last Generation Polymers that guarantee a great wetting capacity and incredible adhesion and sealing properties. Its Formula makes it completely Liquid and Fluid, in this way it is extremely fast in its distribution inside the tire, reducing to the maximum the time of arrival of the liquid to the area of ​​the affected tire, even with Inserts Systems.

Its adhesive properties are worthy of a contact glue which in turn remains in a completely liquid state for a long period of time.

This composition does not contain Ammonia or Latex, and its Ph is neutral, which prevents any type of adverse reaction to contact with the materials currently used in the field of tires, tire rims for tubeless and insert protection systems.



Since the beginning of the 2022 season, the brand has initiated a new phase of testing and development, in collaboration with the Pivot Factory Racing team at the Downhill World Cup and with the Buff-Megamo international mountain biking team, allowing us to understand the real and fully updated needs of the teams in each of the disciplines.

In terms of products, we have the clear intention of transferring all the product modifications and updates that are currently underway in a race setting to the final product, which is sold directly to the customer.

Acceptance of Panzer sealant by the teams has been extremely positive; important aspects such as sealing capacity, the drastic reduction of the solid particles generated from the use of inserts and the durability and stability of the liquid itself at high temperatures have been valued highly by mechanics.


Panzer sealant is a tubeless sealant that is characterised by its full compatibility with the use of mousse systems.

Its composition is based on a next-generation polymer dispersion that guarantees excellent sealing capacity and the total stability of its composition when using mousse systems, which generate a high level of friction inside the tyre.


We must bear in mind that, at present, no tubeless liquid brand at international level has successfully made updates in this regard. In other words, no other brand has developed a specific tubeless liquid that works optimally with mousse systems.

The excess friction generated by mousse systems within the tyre takes a toll on the real performance of the majority of tubeless liquids on the market. Some of the alterations caused by this type of system to the performance of conventional tubeless liquids can be summarised as follows:

  • They drastically reduce the durability of the sealing liquid.
  • They generate a high number of solid particles in a very short period of time.
  • In certain cases they have even been known to decompose the actual tubeless liquid, separating its parts and rendering the liquid completely unusable.

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250ml / 500ml / 5 Liters

Due to its performance characteristics, it is the ideal liquid for use in cycling workshops.

This tubeless liquid with a stable composition has characteristics such as great durability, a neutral pH that does not decompose any of the parts of the tubeless system as a whole in the tyre and the drastic reduction of the solid particles generated due to excess friction, making our Panzer sealant a safe bet for use in cycling workshops whose basic principle is the use of quality products to guarantee their optimal performance in the case of the intensive use of the bike by customers.


Exceptional sealing capacity.

Panzer sealant is a tubeless liquid with exceptional sealing capacity. It is more sensitive to clotting when it enters into contact with sand, earth or particularly dusty grounds, reacting more quickly and effectively.

In terms of sealing capacity, it is difficult to provide general data. Important aspects such as the type of tyre, its pressure, weather conditions and ground conditions comprise a series of important variables that affect the sealing characteristics of the tubeless liquid.

It reduces the creation of solid particles and increases durability.

Thanks to the use of specific polymers in the composition of Panzer sealant, the creation of solid particles inside the tyre due to excess friction with the mousse has been greatly reduced, thus significantly lengthening the durability of the liquid itself.

This is one of the main problems associated with conventional tubeless liquids when using mousse systems, some of which do not exceed two days of standard use in optimal conditions.

It has high fluidity.

Panzer sealant has high fluidity, greatly facilitating access of the tubeless liquid to any area of the tyre. This significantly reduces its response time in the case of a puncture, given that it reduces the time necessary for the sealant to access the area in which the air loss has occurred.

It has a neutral pH.

Panzer sealant has been developed based on a neutral pH formula, meaning that it does not cause any type of adverse reaction when it comes into permanent contact with other materials.

This is an extremely important aspect, given that it does not decompose any of the parts of the tubeless system as a whole, such as the tyre, tubeless tape or valve. Likewise, it does not cause any type of deterioration to the paint or enamel of the bike’s frame or fork.

Manufactured without latex or ammonia.

The Panzer sealant formula is totally latex and ammonia free. Our Panzer sealant is composed of a next-generation polymer dispersion with a significantly improved performance compared to these two products that are commonly used to create certain sealants.

Specifically, ammonia is an extremely harmful product for any material with which it enters into contact; merely the vapours that it emits can damage the structure of any tyre in the use of tubeless systems.

Recommended amount of liquid for insert:


Pay close attention to the humidity in the air compressor tank.

Special care must be taken in the use of air compressors for inflating and bead seating tubeless systems.

Compressed air in the compressor bottle generates a high level of humidity, so it is vital to perform regular purges and to remove the water accumulated due to humidity inside the tank. If such regular inspections are not performed, a large amount of water will be generated when using the compressor, which will exit directly through the air pistol and enter the inside of the tyre.

Water is totally incompatible with the tubeless liquid, completely altering the composition and stability of the liquid itself and limiting its sealing capacity.

Tubeless liquid refills with remains of other liquids.

When refilling a tubeless system with Panzer sealant, it is vitally important that the tyre has no remains of other active sealants. It will not be a problem if all the previous sealant of any other brand is completely dry, situated on the inner surface of the tyre in solid form.

However, if there are remains in liquid form, it will be necessary to clean everything with water and completely dry it all.

Panzer sealant is composed of a series of next-generation polymers, making it incompatible with any generic formula of other sealing liquids on the market.

Negligence or faulty materials in the installation of the tubeless system.

We often find cases in which the initial sealing capacity of the tubeless liquid on recently installed tyres is called into question. There tends to be a series of common cases that occur over and over again, which we must pay special attention to.

In some cases, these problems have a direct connection to the incorrect handling of one of the components of the tubeless system, the incorrect installation of the tubeless tape, the excessive tightening of the valve or the lack of distribution of the sealing liquid inside the tyre after having been converted to tubeless. These actions are quite common and make it impossible to seal the system correctly and quickly.

In other cases, some of the products used have some kind of defect. We have had cases of tyres with serious sealing defects or rims with defective joints. As a result, it is important to correctly check and handle all the products and tools used in the installation of a tubeless system, ensuring that they are used properly and that all the components are in a good condition.

Quantities of tubeless liquid to use in refills.

Attention should be paid to the quantities of Panzer sealant added to the tyre for its common use. The minimum quantities indicated by the brand must be followed.

It must be taken into account that refilling the sealing liquid of a tyre that has already been in use and that simply requires a liquid refill is not the same as installing a tubeless system from scratch, using a new tyre, tubeless tape and insert. In this case, it is necessary to wet the whole inner surface of the tyre, the tubeless tape and the whole external surface of the insert. The system as a whole usually has a total initial consumption of approximately 40 ml of sealant.

The instructions provided by the brand are always based on the installation of a tubeless system from scratch, using all-new system parts. For refills, each mechanic or rider must use the necessary quantity of sealant based on the conditions in which the bike will be used. The type of discipline and the weather conditions are two important factors that affect the quantity of sealant used to refill the tyres.

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